clark hilterman
clark hilterman

11/16/2015 3:29 AM - Cabin Project
12V electrical, LED lighting, and solar kit.

11/2/2015 7:12 PM - Cabin Project

There has been quite a bit of progress since my last post about the cabin. We now have a completely weather tight structure with flooring, couch & chair, and a bed. We stayed in the cabin last weekend and here is a little video showing the progress.

9/8/2015 5:40 PM - Cabin Project

Ever since my family purchased this land I have been wanting to build a recreational cabin on it. With amazing views and a constant gentle breeze, it is a great place to unwind.

Day 1 of this project was to lay out all of the posts, dig the holes, and concrete the posts in. Digging on this patch of land was more difficult than I thought. I ran into so much stone that it really slowed me down. Good thing for my digging bar!

The cabin dimensions will be 10x20 and will feature a shed roof sloping from around 10 feet to around 8 feet in the back. This will allow for the feeling of spaciousness in the interior space.

This will be a slow project and will do work as I can afford. Hopefully I can get at least a roof on it before the snow flies. More pictures to come as the cabin progresses.

A couple more views...